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Prips Flux formula

Hello to all;
I have received several requests from several of our
fellow Orchidians for the formula for the noncommercial Prips flux
"recipe". I was most happy to send it to them;however, in hopes of
reaching more of you who are silversmiths like myself and are having
trouble with the old grey ghost (firescale), I would like to direct
you to the Orchid archives

article by a fellow Orchidian ( a real Master, saint, friend ) Peter
Rowe. He is the one who made such an impact on me as a silversmith,
by absolutely solving this problem once and for all for me. He will
for you too, if you will try it. This article is quite lengthy
because it covers several important ideas concerning
making,using,preparing the metal, and the type of device that you use
with this formula, so I can’t recommend it highly enough for reading.
It is so important to me, I have the whole article downloaded on a
floppy to hand down to my sons, and nephews. I hope this helps
someone as it did me. Peter, if you are out there, I hope you are
well, and we miss hearing from you. Best wishes to
all, John Barton