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Pripps Sprayer?

Judy recently posted this tip

     Nasal sprayers and fine mist sprayers to spray on Prip's flux
(fill  cap with water and store bottle upside down to keep sprayer
clog - free) 

I was wondering if anyone would share a specific brand of sprayer for
the perpetually perplexed. I am jinxed on this I clog 'em, I break
’em, and rarely get to use the same sprayer twice. Thanks for all
suggestions, Julia

Hello Julia, Since I posted, I’ll reply directly to you. The
sprayer I use once held fragrance - the inexpensive ones you can
find at WalMart or any discount store for a few dollars. This type
of sprayer mists, rather than squirts. (Hair spray in pump-type
bottles might work too, but I’ve not tried those bottles - they do
mist well though.) I got one recently at a garage sale for a
quarter; half full of a green apple scent too. Anyway, you want the
type you pump with your finger - not aerosol. They’ll come with a
clear (usually) plastic cap over the top. KEEP THE CAP. Here’s the
trick to avoid clogging. Fill the cap with water, invert the bottle
and insert the top into the cap until it snaps in place. Some water
will be displaced, so do this over a sink or container. Keeping the
bottle inverted so that the sprayer is covered by the water in the
cap, put it into a jar for storage. The jar contains any leakage
and keeps the bottle inverted. Because the sprayer is not exposed
to the air, it will not clog. I’ve not been at the bench for at
least a month. Last night I needed to solder a cuff bracelet.
Pulled the cap off the sprayer, and it was ready - NO clogging.
Before you leave the bench, refill the cap, insert the bottle and
store inverted until your next work time. Hope this answers the
questions. Holler back if you have more. Judy in Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936

Julia, I use the type that prescription aqueous cortisone spray come
in, brand name Vancenase, Beconase, or similar. They are different
from the spray type over the counter where you just squeeze. These
are pumped. Teresa

   I was wondering if anyone would share a specific brand of
sprayer for the perpetually perplexed. I  am jinxed on this I clog
'em, I break 'em, and rarely get to use the same sprayer twice.
Thanks for all suggestions, Julia 

Julia, While lots of folks have used many varieties of sprayers,
including even the cheap external mix airbrushes one can get cheaply
from harbor Freight, My favorite remains the simple means I first
learned from Fred Fenster and U.W. 30 years ago. These are simple
"mouth atomizers", which are glaze sprayers for ceramics. they
consist of two metal tubes and a hinge the connects the ends of each
at a right angle. one tube is longer (about six inches, and perhaps
3/32 in outside diameter) and thin, it’s the feed tube that dips into
your flux. The other is shorter (maybe 3 inches) , and tapered,
starting about a quarter inch in diamter at the outside end, and only
slightly larger than the feed tube at the hinge portion. the hinge,
which is a friction fit thing that holds the tubes in position, puts
the open end of the feed tube right in front of, and slightly below
the center of, the small end of the other tube, which is the
mouthpiece. The things spray when you blow into the wider end of
the mouthpiece. Simple as that. And though I’ve had some of them
look pretty corroded and cruddy after a couple decades of living in a
junk drawer, I’ve never yet had one clog (they are, after all, just
open bore tubes, without nozzles or small orifices to clog) or even
actually break, except for the one I stepped on… You do sometimes
have to fiddle a little with the placement of the tube ends to
optimize the spray action, but once done, it stays that way 46ind a
ceramics supply house that carries glazes and supplies, and you
should be able to purchase a couple of these things, which will last
you the rest of your career, I’ll bet. the last one I bought was
over 25 years ago, though I know they’re still available and used.
If the need to blow into the mouthpiece is awkward for you, you can
fit a piece of light duty rubber, plastic, nylon, etc, hose over that
end and blow into the end of the hose, which can be as long as you
need to make it convenient.

Hope that helps.
Peter Rowe.

Those pump-type nasal spray containers are pretty reliable. I’ve had
one filled with prips flux for months and it hasn’t clogged between
refills.If you can’t get the empties from someone who has a
prescription, there’s an over-the-counter product called Nasalcrom
(used by hay fever sufferers) that has the same type container. Dee