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Printmaking sources - clean hands -etching

Hi, I do some printmaking and you might want to check into
printmaking supply places. Renaissance Graphic Arts has an online
catalog email or phone 888-833-3398 with any
questions she is very helpful. They have great handcleaning
supplies among other useful things. Didn’t see invisible glove

Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. carries invisible glove. Online
email phone 800-465-7382 I could not get all the
pages to come up, so in my catalog invisible glove is item#11430
for a six oz. tube of cream $7.60

Utrecht carries lots of Art supplies/printmaking materials too.
800-223-9132 call for a catalogue.

Printmaking places are also where to find Z*ACRYL products for
non-toxic etching. For more info

Also, an old gardeners trick to keep dirt from under the nails,
scrape your fingernails on a bar of soap before you start to work.
The soap buildup prevents dirt from collecting.

Susan Sarantos