Princess-cut, wedding band

Here is something easy to set, all it takes is a few small
bud-burs & loads of patience. This simple wedding-band took me only
3/4 hour to set
, not including any polishing. BTW, I make every
effort to Bright-Cut every ring I work on.

You will notice on the inside of the channel wall, the fine metal
carving that took place. I used a Flat Graver #40, or Glardon #12.
You will also notice how close the stones are to each other, no
spaces are allowed & the table-facets are all at the same level.
Hence, the total ease in Bright-Cutting all at one time, no need to
go back and cut again. This is a new addition to my tray of rings I
use for my students to learn from. I call this tray my Resume’.

This ring has a rating of about 15/10 on my difficulty scale, as
10 being quite difficult! If anyone wishes to learn how to set this
newer batch of rings, just write to me offline! I have a few more
sample rings to set, then I will post when completed.

Gerry Lewy