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Prime spot for the Orchid galleries

Well, opening the in-transition Orchid Gallery links this morning, I
did a great big “DUH,” yes followed by an open handed slap on the
noggin. Here I have been wondering just how to get my work into the
public’s eye, and I have been ignoring an International audience of

I cannot be the only “I’ll get to it later,” so time to do it now.
Hanuman and Ton are up to making the Orchid Gallery, the Prime spot
to view Artist’s Creations. It can then be a proud link to add to
your Signature.

Time to “Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.” yes my tongue is in
my cheek, what can one expect at 8:11 AM.

So this is a challenge of sorts, let’s see how many new Galleries we
can add to Orchid’s. Lights, Camera, Action.