Pricing on CAD designs

I know that the projects will vary in cost to complete, but what are
some wholesalers getting to CAD out custom designs and have them
milled too? I am trying to get a finger on what others are charging
for such services.

Britten W.

Hi Britten,

We just checked with 3-4 places last week to see if our charges were
in line with others. It turned out that the average for moderately
complex jobs designed and milled (using Matrix and Revo mill) ran
about $250.00. More complex jobs might run up to $400.00. Super
complex could be more.

Milling has it’s limitations (the bit can’t reach all areas) so if
you need your model grown rather than milled that will add a bit to
your cost. The upside to that rapid prototype process is it can make
just about any model you can come up with. The downside is that even
the castable material is not a wax that you can easily alter after
it is complete (and your CAD design needs to be more precise than
when milling).