Pricing of pieces and other random thoughts

I was just wondering…

After a particularly nasty cut to my middle finger when I was
cutting out a piece, which I bled on it profusely…

Do I charge more for this??

After all it has my DNA on it. And…

If I somehow seal it into the piece with say epoxy resin, that after
I’m dead then it will go up in price even more at Christy’s??

Now we are getting into that whole life gem thing in which a seed
was planted on fertile ground…

Several scenarios.

  1. Man off’s the wife. Collects the insurance and makes her into a
    nice new ring for engagement ring for his young sweetie. (as seen on
    prime time crime dramas)

  2. I am an animal lover. Can I store up all my much loved pets and
    make a nice cocktail ring?

  3. My dad has a sheep ranch. Coyotes do a lot of killing of sheep.
    He could perhaps turn what was a loss into a profit and become “Sunny
    slope sheep ranch and Fine Gems”?

I know, I know. I have gone way past the boundaries on this one.

Lisa F