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Pricing earrings vs pendant

Hi all -

I have noticed that it’s “expected” that a pair of earrings should
cost less than a pendant, even if based on the same design. Why is
that? A pendant based on a particular design works out to about 120%
(or more, depending on auxiliary decoration) of a single earring
of the same design. So why should a pair of handmade earrings sell
for less than a pendant?

I’m not talking about mass production or casting. Hand fabrication
is the scope of work. One-off work.

FWIW, if I make an enamel to be set as a pendant, it doesn’t cost me
less per unit to make two of them, or three of them. Should I
prevent the dilution of value (of earrings vs pendant) by producing a
matched set, as opposed to a pendant and separately, earrings? In
other words, not sell the earrings separate from the pendant?

thanks much,
Kelley Dragon

Well, you know, making a pair of matching/coordinating earrings is
essentially equivalent to making two pendants - sometimes in mirror
images as well. Of course consideration is made for difference in
findings, no chain, possibly smaller scale or simpler “auxiliary

Education is a constant, it seems.

Pam in Mesa, AZ where our heavenly long Spring has been brutally replaced
by Summer. We’re expecting 113 F by Wednesday.

Kelley- We charge twice as much for earrings. There are two of them.
Twice as much work and a pain in the ass to get them to match and
also be bookend opposites. It’s about labor not materials. Seriously.
Just point that out to your customers, they’ll get it. Even I can do
that math.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

As someone who’s earrings normally cost less than pendant, let me
have a try at this one.

This might not be true for your enamels, but my earrings are
normally much smaller than my pendants and therefore use less
material and fewer and smaller beads or stones. The smaller material
costs translate into the lower price. On the other hand, smaller
often leads to more labor (it’s very difficult to maneuver in small
places), and higher labor costs.

Depending on the relative sizes of the enamels you make for earrings
and pendants these could in fact mean equal pricing for both., or
have I missed the point?

Mary Partlan
White Branch Designs

To me, it makes sense to price the pendant at 3/4 of the price of the
earrings, sold separately. After all, earrings are twice the work of
a pendant.

Keep smilin’
Vicki K, Socal

I generally make the pendant a bit larger than the earrings, too, but
sometimes the same piece could serve either role, just a matter of
what it’s hanging from. I end up charging slightly less per piece,
but sell two pieces, when it’s a pair of earrings.

Pricing is not my strong suit. ::sigh::