Pricing diamonds in the one carat range

Greetings All,

Could anyone give advice about pricing diamonds in the one carat
range? Do you add a specific amount, no matter the cost of the
diamond (like $1000 for anything over a carat) or do you mark up a
certain percentage (say 25%)?

Can anyone recommend a wholesale diamond dealer who sells conflict
free, certified stones in the one carat range?

Thanks so much.
Munya Avigail Upin


In the commercial jewelry trade wholesale costs are doubled to the
retailer. Then the retailer customarily multiplies their wholesale
cost by 2.5-3 times for the retail customer.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

In the Boston area, Stratura in Uxbridge is a reliable, respected,
often recommended choice.

Ask for Mary. Wholesale Gemstones Supplier - Stachura Wholesale

Look at what similar stones are selling for on Blue Nile. I guarantee
that is what your customers will do. Unless you can offer some kind
of added value to the sale your customer will look at those prices
and buy there. Online diamond sales have killed the margin in
diamonds larger than melee. If you can get 15% over your cost
consider yourself lucky. Many times I see the exact same stone I can
buy from a stone dealer also listed on Blue Nile by the dealer at a
price that leaves virtually no markup over my price. Unless you buy
lots of diamonds it is hard to get a good enough price to be
competitive with Blue Nile.

For conflict free you need to look at Canadian diamonds as they are
just about the only ones you can stand behind 100% and say they are
conflict free, the Kimberly Process has failed to insure conflict
free stones from Africa.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

a reliable, respected, often recommended choice. 

Sorry, as I’ve said over the years, I don’t refer anybody I don’t
know personallyto trade contacts, especially diamonds.

If you are buying “real” wholesale - 40 below Rap or so - and you are
talking about average quality diamonds, which is G/SI, then the
typical markup to a retail customer is around $800-$1000, which
might be roughly per carat. A two carat of that quality you could go
to $1600 even to $2500, depending on the quality and the make is
everything.Commercial stones into the M/I2, crappy make zone are
going to get you more like $500 or less. A one carat D/IF at Rap is
22.4K - you might could get $5K on a stone like that.

Not sure on which planet people are tripling one carat stones, but
those days are long, long past.

John D.

James Binnion

You are so-o right about Canadian diamonds being conflict free. But
the buyer must ask the dealer if he sells ‘only’ Canadian diamonds.
He must have the official logo to prove what they are. No other
stones must ‘creep’ into his inventory.

Another point is to ask if he has those diamonds that are laser
engraved on the girdle. The logo is a “Polar Bear” (facing ‘left’).
You might have to pay a few $$ more for that proof, but at least
you’re stones ARE Canadian.

I knew one jeweller in the States that only sold Canadian stones, no
one elses!!! Gerry Lewy.