Pricing beaded necklaces

Dear Lin, Boy, what a letter! Are you really asking these
questions of this particular group, or were you just trying to see
how upset you could get them? People “not being able to tell” if you
are selling them quality goods or not is a question of ethics that
is pretty threatening to a group whose livelihood is dependent on
their reputations for integrity. Yes, you can sell anything to
anyone if you are a good sales person. Yes , you can sell
inexpensively created objects for a healthy profit if you make
something appealing out of those materials. However, if you want to
STAY in business and have repeat customers, don’t misrepresent what
you are selling. You don’t have to tell what materials cost you,
but don’t lie about it. You add value by creating something
wearable and attractive and you are entitled to sell it for whatever
the market will bear. Be honest about what you are selling…glass,
emerald, plastic…whatever. the good will you will generate is
worth far more than a one time sale.