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Preventing silver tarnish

Hi Sharon. Some years ago I bought a quantity of the Pacific Silver
Cloth, used for tableware storage bags and such, by the yard. Lined
my display case with it because the deep brown of it at the time was
right for my presentation, and then used another piece over the work
to store. Never had need of much hand cleaning between displays.
The tarnish preventing strips from 3M are available in Rio’s catalog
and can be added to your cases and changed regularly. For lengthy
storage the zip-locs are hard to beat, especially with a little piece
of the strips tossed in. The Pacific Silver Cloth was a bright blue
the last time I saw some at a fabric shop called Calico Corners.
You might ask your nearest fabric specialist to order some for you.
Good luck. Pat

Pat, thanks much. I’ll look for that fabric. We aren’t crazy about
doing outdoor shows, but my husband and I are American Indian and do
cultural presentations where we are able to display and sell our
work also (most indoors, but many outside). I think adding the cloth
to my set up, especially outdoors would be a major help.

I have noticed this excessive tarnishing a lot more in the past
couple of years and I suspect it’s due to more pollution in our air.

I had a very small amount of the strips, wasn’t impressed with them,
but I probably didn’t have enough & the idea of putting them in the
sealed bags is also an idea.

Many thanks!

Sharon Perdasofpy

I use silvercloth a lot in storing my work between shows. I have
standup tabletop display cases for earrings and pins that accordion
fold, and I sandwich pieces of silvercloth between the folds for
storage and transport. I also make and sell small velvet pouches
lined with silvercloth so customers can store their silver jewelry
without tarnish. I got tired of hearing people say, “I love your
jewelry but silver tarnishes so badly…”

Janet Kofoed