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Presto wax injector

Hi everybody, Today, someone was asking to me if I know how to do a
wax injector with a Presto cooker. This makes me remember that I
already saw an article in an old Metalsmith. I have look for this
article and found it. It is made with an Presto cooker (WITH AN
INTEGRATED ELEMENT). This item is not available aroud here. Could
anybody can tell me if they still in sale in USA. This could be a
pretext for me to go in USA this summer riding under your hot sun.

Vincent Guy Audette
gaudette@videotron .ca
Quebec Canada

Presto pressure cookers are still for sale, but the little ones
are hard to find. Don’t know if the small ones are even available
from the factory anymore.

I bought a Presto Cooker for de-waxing flasks a little more than a
year ago. It’s element is “channel set” (literally) into the
bottom of the pot casting. I’m not sure how integrated newer or
older models might be.