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Prest-O-Lite Torch Handles & Tips

I may regret this decision later; however, in remodeling my
enameling studio I have opted for natural gas as my fuel of choice
for my torches. I’ve always been comfortable using Prest-O-lite torch
body, but have learned from this (natural gas) decision that I will
need a special (lined) hose …which will work with some other fuels
as well.

Here is the question(s): Does anyone happen to know if the
Prest-O-lite torch body for acetylene (torch handle and tips) are
compatible for use with (US) natural gas? If not; is there a
particular # (401 or 403) Prest-o-lite torch body and tip #'s that
are natural gas compatible? Perhaps someone out there has converted
and has a Prest-O-lite NG torch body sitting on the sidelines they
would like to sell and can contact me off list. I cannot seem to get
a concrete answer from ESAB tech support.