Press Kits

Hi, There has been some mention of press kits in recent posts. May
sound silly but what exactly does a press kit involve? I’ve printed
a 3 fold brochure and a selection of postcards. Is that enought or
is a press kit something completely different? Thanks for your help
guys Anya

Hi Anya! This is no expert opinion - just our experience thus far…

The press typically seeks newsworthy materials - new styles, new
products, new catalogs, brochures, announcements, photographs etc.
Anyway - there is a way to lay out a press release. I am typing a
format here which was suggested by the folks at the JA NY Show. The
actual release needs to be spaced at least 1.5 lines when you type so
editors have room to edit your release. Bear in mind this generic
one is about exhibiting at a tradeshow, but you could write about any
newsworthy topic. Just follow the basic layout and customize for
your needs.

I would also recommend that you search for press releases on the
internet try for
other ideas and samples.

Also, my sister-in-law, Melinda Silber, is an incredible
photographer and graphic designer. (She designed our website and
photographed all the items there). She regularly sends beautiful
photographs of jewelry to the trade journals that are appropriate for
their editorial calendars. Contact the magazines and ask for a copy
of their editorial schedule to be sent to you. There is never a
guarantee of being included - but a relevant and beautiful photo
often does make it.

			Company Name
			Street Address
			City, State, Zip Country
			Telephone Number
			E-Mail Address

(If press release is to be distributed at show write your booth

Number here)



(New York, January 26, 2003) - A (new/redesigned) line of (specify
products) will be shown for the first time by (company name) at

the Winter 2003 JA New York Show. The Show takes place January
26-28,2003 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

The Exhibit will also include (describe product or lines). The
(company name) will be exhibiting in booth ( #) at the Javits Center.

The (company name) has been designing since (year) and is best known
for (write something unique about your company).

For (website if you have one) or
Contact: (your e-mail) Phone: 1-000-0000000 (Your
telephone #)

# # (end with 3 centered pound signs)

Best of luck to you! And have fun writing!

Rachel Silber




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Hi Friends,

On the subject of press releases… seeing as all of us have
computers, many desktop publishing and word processing applications
have templates, including a press release template. Kind of a
glorified fill-in-the-blanks. Really quite self explanatory, and some
snazzy formatting (within standard guidelines) that will get your
release noticed.

See an example (exported from MS Word), and the resulting Business
Journal article:

P.S. If you are asked to download Vector Graphics Rendering, you can
cancel and see it anyway…

All the best,

I had to assemble a press kit for a rock & gem show and was told by a
PR professional to include the following content.

COVER LETTER One page flashy introduction to the organization and
event with a “hook” line to make you want to browse through the whole

FACT SHEET Brief summary of the event detailing who, what, where, and

PRESS RELEASE Full description of the show, list of activities,
quotes from key staff, and general background material useful to the

TOPIC ARTICLE Feature article based on an interview with someone who
is demonstrating or exhibiting at the show. Include human interest
material and a few quotes.

PHOTOGRAPHS Several 8x10 black & white photos in support of the topic
article and/or a few fancy mineral specimens or jewelry pieces to
accent the press coverage. Sample captions are typed onto labels
attached to the back of all photos.

Hello orchids, While you were in Tucson and elsewhere, I was in NYC
at a seminar on “Jewelry as a Business” at the Hilton Hotel. The
presenters were currently in the areas of selling an artists line
for them and with them. The basics of the evening weRe: trust your
own judgement, have passion for your work…it comes through to the
public, make your image into a unique image in all of your
communications and press releases, web sites, and photos. Be daring
to present yourself as different than the usual… promote your
philosophy and your background as key to your individuality. Such
as: where did you travel or get inspired for your designs and
methods, what were your previous jobs that made you unique and your
work so appealing. In other words…don’t be shy. Just promote your
pieces with the energy and sophistication that you use to make each

Other interesting notes… Magazines have "editorial calendars"
which state the dates of the special publications and articles for a
year. Each magazine needs the new photos and biographies of the
artists well before those calendar dates. This is key if
your goal is to be in a publication. You can write to each mag
(Vogue to Teen Idol!!) for their calendars.

Press Kits were a hot topic in that they are sent to showrooms, or
with you at a show, or mailed to the above mentioned magazines.
Photos of very good quality are a must because these can be
directly submited to the editors for use, especially when the editor
has a deadline, they will submit the best that is on their plate at
that time. Slides, CD’s, or prints, or digital are fine. High
resolution is better…did they say 600 dpi? for digital?). A must
do: captions on each picture of the stones, metal, material, and
retail price. Your Biography page should emphasize what makes you
special or inspired. Use quotes or other esoteric items if they
apply to your work. Include a simple fact sheet with your contact
who is your audience/your customer. Availability of

Last bit of was to Copywrite your items (a drawing or
photo in an envelope mailed to yourself and left unopened will do
for the time being). Also if your work does go into a magazine or is
borrowed for some fashion shoot, etc., have a “lending form” with
you for all the responsible people to sign. This lending form will
be your insurance against damage or loss. It is customery and

Now the real last bit of advise from that night: the Dummies series
of books seem to have very practical info on online sales, retail
investments in your own business, and legal issues, papers to file
in your state, etc. Best wishes from june at in New
york city…24 inches of snow.