Preserving Finishes?


I am new to metalsmithing and so this is a beginner question. I had
read thru the archives searching for a way to matte finish silver
and then protect that finish from tarnish. I tried Renaissance wax
and really liked the effect. However, over time the finish seems to
look milky to me. I’m also wondering how long it will last. Someone
in the archives said maybe up to 2 years, but in Tim McCreight’s
book, I believe it says that it can rub off on clothing. Does anyone
else do anything to preserve their finishes? If so, do you have any
tips? I have attached a photo of the piece, but I don’t know if I am
allowed to do that. If it comes thru, I welcome most constructive
criticism after I have had at least 1 morning cup of coffee. Thanks,
and I am gleening many invaluable tips from Ganoksin.

I am very thankful that you guys are here

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Kim Starbard
Cove Beads