Presentation Box

Dave said,

I'd like to fill the box with some sort of foam (with a fabric

sheet on top)that would conform to the buckle then cure to a somewhat
pliable form… kind of making a molded recepticle.<<

Would the kind of insulating foam that comes in a spray can
work? It used to be available at hardware & home supply stores.

  1. Place the buckle face down on a solid surface.

  2. Cover it with the fabric (might have to put a piece of saran
    wrap over the fabric).

  3. Place a open ended container, the same size as the
    presentation box, around the covered buckle. (Probably be a good
    idea to let the saran wrap cover the inside of the container;
    it’d make removing the solidified foam a lot easier.) Be sure to
    locate the buckle where it’ll be in the finished box.

  4. Spray in the required amount of insulation foam.

  5. Trim off the excess foam.

  6. Put the fabric over the foam & place the buckle bed in the
    presentation box.

I’ve seen this approach, with a similar type of foam, used to
pack & ship video monitors.

Good luck!


Dave, After writing the idea about the spray in foam, I thought that there
might be an easier way. Why not cut chunks of styrofoam the same shape as
the wood box, and carve out a nich for the buckle? It shouldn’t take more
than a few minutes, and you wouldn’t have to wait for curing. You then
could spray some adhesive on it, to secure the fabric. I once had a piece
of mine framed, and the framer carved a spece for it, like a reverse matte,
and then glued some thin fabric into the area, covering the entire
background. It was very effective. Good luck. Ruth

Dave Sometimes I use a product called pluck N pick foam. It is the type
used in expensive camera cases to custom fit the interror to camera
equipment. It is perforated in 1/2 inch segments and can be pulled out in
little square chunks to create a space that you desire. It looks nice also
so additional dressing may not be necessary RED