Preparing scrap for refining

Hello all,

Forgive me in advance if this question has been asked. In preparing
scrap silver to send to refiners, do you normally weigh the scrap
using a certain formula so you have some kind of idea what to expect
your return to be? Are there any tips to preparing the scrap and
sweeps so you get the best price? Any advice is always welcomed.


Hi Karen,

Are any tips to preparing the scrap and sweeps so you get the best

Probably the best thing to do is to contact your refiner & ask them
if they have a preferred way to receive the scrap.

Many refiners like the scrap separated by soldered & unsoldered. If
you have pieces that have a small portion of solder on them, cut the
solder joints out & put them in a separate container/baggy. Keep the
sweeps separate from everything else. By all means, weigh each
container separately so you know how much material you’ve sent in.


Hoover and Strong has great on the subject and have a
page called “How to get Higher returns.” Separate your scrap as

1.Gold, karat scrap, jewelry scrap, filings and benchsweeps.

  1. Siver scrap and filings

  2. Platinum

  3. Palladium

  4. Gold filled scrap, watch bands and optial scrap

  5. floorsweepw, polishings, sink sludge, emery and filters. Iron in
    your scrap may lower your return, remove with a magnet (I put the
    magnet in a plastic bag before using, easier to remove that way.
    Prepare for shipping: Double plastic bag and seal your material
    securely. Place in a secure box along with a cover letter. Do not
    use zip-lock bags or wrap using adhesive tape it causes your scrap
    to be caught in the lip of the bag and adheres to the tape. I weigh
    the scrap to make sure of what I will receive and I have been happy
    with the results. I recommend you call and get info from them.

Good Luck
Mary frances