Preparing a graphite electo melt crucible

Thanks, I really don’t know much about welding goggles…Rob


i “think” IR shade 3 are the green lens glasses…


Hi Rob:
I use an Electromelt for sterling and found it a way friendlier than crucibles as I don’t own a big torch. Temperature set at 1900F and heat the crucible first then add silver, no big deal by peeking at the melt and when the load is molten I just add a small amount (1/4 tsp) of borax flux stirring with a graphite rod. The whole set mold and Electromelt are over a metal tray to contain any accident. My Electromelt is Chinese from Vevor and found the plier to manipulate the crucible not very good without some filing until my dry runs were ok. I did not prepare the crucible in any way. Lots of luck.

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Thanks Carlos…Rob