Pregnancy and benchwork

I’m away from my regular computer so lets see if this works. I
just wanted to add my .02 to the thread on safety during
pregnancy. During my last pregnancy (he will be 3 April 10) I
completely stopped using metals which oxidize heavily

and limited myself to fine silver and 18k or higher gold; turned
off the pickle (used it cold); avoided all solvents and dusts;
switched to unleaded enamels, using them only in wetpacking
methods (ie, cloisonne and the like); used only flouride free
fluxes and then set about to get as much work done as I could
because I knew that with his arrival I would be effectively
unable to work in the studio for quite awhile due to additional
demands on my time. They are so easy when still in utero -
merely sensitive and quite fragile. Baby and mom were fine.
Sheridan Reed