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Prefered Accounting Software?

I was curious as to what solution everyone is using for their
business, that is of course assuming that you are your own retailer.

I have poked arround AccountEdge and QuickBooks but I’m wondering if
their is a software that is Mac complient and better suited to a
small jewelry retailer. I want to be able to recall customer history
easily, trace the sale rate of individual pieces and track gift
certificates and special offers in this program. I am even willing
to look into a hosted CRM (example: if necessary.
If any of you are using QuickBooks or AccountEdge with any success
I would be interested in hearing that too. Maybe I just need to
explore them more closely.

All suggestions are appreciated.



I use AccountEdge with Mac OS X. My accountant was really impressed
with the program when she started doing my books. I am not a retail
store and am I’m not an expert on the software, but I think that it
will do all of the items that you requested. I have always been
impressed with MYOB’s customer support. I recommend the program.

Epaul Fischer

Hello to all.

Thank you for the replies to my question. A quick search on Ganoskin
showed me that this subjct had been dicussed before (I know, next
time I will search BEFORE I post) but it also revealed that
accounting software really isn’t what I needed. What I trully need
is a program that will allow me to track inventory and customers but
also manage an online store.

The companies I am looking at are and I may go with MonsterCommerce as it seems the most
reasonable. Once agian, thanks to all for your input.

Please check out