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Precious metal clay

This question has just been asked on the ACMET-L mailing list, but
perhaps this is a good forum to get more detailed answers.

Question: has anyone out there used Precious Metal Clay being sold by Rio
Grande? Basic is on their website at under their new products. Briefly, it’s
available in fine silver and 24K gold, is 80 per cent pure metal (the
rest water and organic binders), and is fired at 900 degrees C to harden
it. Shrinkage is said to be about 50%.

I would like to know anyone’s experiences with it before investing too
much time and money: porosity problems, ease of soldering, how does it
polish, file, drill. How would you size a ring with 50% shrinkage? How
strong is it (say a wire-like piece 1 mm thick)? Is it brittle or soft?


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