Precious Metal Clay and refined jewelry work

   PMC workshops are out there and well worth the time.  The
results are a bit  on the crude side.  If your used to making
refined jewelry this is not your medium. 

I would like to offer a contrary opinion to this. I have seen
some very refined work done with PMC. See photos in Studio PMC,
Metalsmith, Ornament, Lap. Journal Workshop. Some combinations
of PMC/cast pieces and PMC/enamelling are highly refined and
well executed. As with any material or method, the output is
dependent on the skill of the creator.


Elaine, I agree. In spite of my frustration, I am sure that I
would do better with more experience. It just is not worth my
while, since I have other avenues with which to achieve my


I, too, must agree with Elaine, in spite of my previous
statement. The workshops that I have taken didn’t offer
instruction in the advanced skills, but with experimentation and
time I’m sure greater things could be achieved. To this point I
haven’t had the time to invest.