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Pre-clipped silver solder

I am a metalsmithing teacher and right now I just teach from home.
I will be starting a new teaching facility in a couple of months for
the public and I would like to know if anyone knows where I can buy
pre-clipped silver solder. I used to buy it from Swest, but they
have gone out of business. Thank you for any

Lona Northener

Hi Lona, I was told by the folks who SHOULD know that Stuller (who
bought Swest) has all of Swest’s silver mill products still available
for sale, even if they are not in the printed catalog. While they
may (or may not) have all the findings and designs available, they
absolutely do have the mill products available. When you call them,
you can ask for it by the old Swest code and they can track it down.

If the person answering the phone isn’t aware of this, ask them to
double-check and find out. I got the info personally from a couple
of the Swest guys at the MJSA show in NYC.

Hope this helps!
Karen Goeller
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