I should probably keep my mouth shut,but here goes.I am doing
experiments along that same line.I found to my surprise,that All
quartz goes to Smokey at dosage of .5 to 1.5 megarad on Colbolt
60.If you increase the dosage above this level it turns opaque
Black.But if you irradiate to 450 or more megarads,then heat at
400C and can turn the stone into different colors.I
have found one near Belo that gives me a nice Lemon Citrine.Green
is possible.Even mine come out a slight greenish yellow at some
of the heating steps.I would add that here in the United States I
have many other types of treating machines.Not just Colbolt 60
like Sao Paulo.Send me your material and we will run tests on
various other types of treatment.How much would you want to sell
me flawless rough.Can use hammered only.Not sawed. There is a
Purple Garnet production coming out in Goias.It would help me to
know exactly where.

                             Mark Liccini


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