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Praises to Kenneth Singh

Hello Orchidland, First, my apologies that this post is not more
timely… I tried to cram more into a few weeks than should fit.
Nevertheless, I want to share something special about Kenneth

I volunteered to teach a class introducing 4-H youth to simple wire
wrapping with beads for making jewelry. The problem was how to come
up with enough basic pliers and hand tools for the class. I also
know that people won’t continue to pursue a skill without access to
the proper tools, and I wanted these kids to keep on learning!

Kenneth to the rescue!! I’d talked to him during the Tucson show
about this event, and he assured me that it would be possible to
purchase decent quality, basic tools at a reasonable price so that
each student would be able to keep the tools for future projects.

He wasn’t kidding. The cutters are great and my special order
flat/round pliers are excellent, as are the other tools. I got the
tools on time, assembled the kits, and taught the class. I just saw
the evaluations and the response was nearly 100% (blush). One
comment was that the students were thrilled to have their OWN tools.
The other was that they were excited about working with "real"
silver and gemstone beads.

Sooooooo, many thanks Kenneth. You made it possible to hold a very
successful class. Who knows how many future jewelry artisans will
come from this group. I hope to have whetted their appetites.

Judy in Kansas

What a “Rad” combination, Judy and Ken. Two of my most favorite
persons, and with very good reason.

This is the wonder of Orchid. Some years ago, I knew neither of
them. Along the way, I came to know them both online, read their
posts and understood where they are coming from. When I met each of
them, it was as if we had shared coffee yesterday.

I deeply thank Hanuman and Ton for the monumental effort that went
into Orchid. Of course Charles also was a driving force.

I know there are many others that have formed friendships and more,
because of Orchid. This is truly a reality, a dream brought to

We, as a group willingly and happily share empathies
and sympathies. The world can be crazy around us. We feel the pain
of others, as well as we feel the joys and successes. Yet we know
there is a tomorrow, and look forward to its arrival.

Thank you one and all.
Viva Orchid

I would like to add another praise about Kenneth Singh. Some time
ago I purchased a rolling mill from him, and had problems assembling
it. I phoned him and he walked me through the entire process, and
followed it up with an email containing detailed instructions, and
then another phone call to see if he could be of additional help. He
is willing to walk the extra mile to help people. Alma

I should have spoken up sooner, so thanks Judy for reminding me.
When Michael Sturlin came to teach Flush Stone Setting, I was in need
of 10 ball gravers. Kenneth came to the rescue for me. They were
delivered in record time, with all the attachments and at a price
that fit my budget.

Yeah Kenneth.

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
Jewelry/Metalarts School & Cooperative Studio