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Praise where Praise is due

Terrie Has spoken a mouthful here. I haven’t had the honor of
meeting Charles but, early on in my experience with Orchid, I wrote
him some questions of a most basic nature. I’d read everything he’d
written in the Library/Archives and, when I didn’t understand some
things, I wrote and asked directly. Charles was a great help to me,
very understanding, and he readily answered my questions. He’s a man
after my own heart in that he knows that not all beginners have
access to fancy equipment. He’s a believer in finding alternative
solutions that work as well as more expensive options. His help in
these areas are what convinced me that I too could try my hand at
jewelry work and actually expect to have some successes. I now find
that, even though I’m working more at small sculpture than jewelry,
a great deal of his advice still applies directly. Thank you Charles
for helping me overcome my feelings of inadequacy and thanks also
for the extremely useful advice! I still go back and reread those
articles. Good stuff there!