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Praise for Rio - Think Local

However, I for one would be very unhappy with the minimum order
idea.  There are too many times when I needed one or two small
things, and was happy to be able to call and get them promptly. I
dislike having to pore through a catalogue to find something I
don't need at the moment in order to get something I do need. << 

I’m sure my situation is not like everyone on this list so it’s
definitely a “your mileage might vary” kind of thing but I do about
50% of my purchasing with local suppliers. True they don’t stock
everything I need and I use the supply houses for quantity discounts
and odd items. Developing relationships with your local suppliers
can be beneficial in many ways.

Some of the benefits I enjoy aRe:

Referrals for custom work
Consignment selling of my work
Free advice from a very experienced artisan
Trading in bench scraps for fabricated silver
Deals on used tools
News on upcoming shows
Deep discount on silver that was special ordered but not picked up
No minimum order
No sales tax on resale items
Professional discounts that compete with the supply houses
Being able to touch and feel what one is buying

Also, I like keeping the money local and helping feed my local
economy. Maybe it’s a small town perception but I do like to do
business that way.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado