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Praise for Metalsmith Magazine


I just received my latest copy of Metalsmith Magazine and am very
impressed with the content and layout. It contains the kind of edgy
thinking that makes me remember why I liked art school so much.

The first article, “Cornelia Parker’s Fine Undoing” by Ann Wilson
Lloyd, is engaging, confrontational and flies in the face of what I
interpret as precious. On the first page of the article, we see an
array of beautiful musical instruments, splayed out in a circular
and symmetrical pattern. Yet, upon closer examination, I can see each
delicate piece has been flattened, so no more music can be made. I
felt sad in a way. Yet, when my husband looked at the work, he began
to laugh! He said, “finally a good death for all those poor
instruments abused by years of high school marching band.”

As a collector of tiny objects, I was completely drawn to Parker’s
"Drowned Moments", “Installation in a gutter of souvenirs of famous
buildings.” We see a tiny reservoir of murky water with a gutter
pipe to the side. Centered in the middle of the small pool, are the
tops of famous buildings - a tiny town surrounded by mist in a
valley, or buildings so tall, the are poking through clouds. Great
visuals here.

It’s the kind of work that creates questions and makes you think of
stories and memories.

Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore or magazine.

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