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Praise for Margie Mersky wax carving

I just had Orchidian Margie Mersky carve a wax model for me, as this
is not anything I have ever done. I have to tell you how very, very
pleased I am with the result! She really made my vision into
reality, and I can’t say enough in her praise!

Her web address is:

Just a very satisfied customer.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

I also had a wax of a customers dog carved by Margie. I’m also very
pleased. Great work.

Kirsten Reynolds

To add to Beth’s comment,

I have been casting since 1971. Hand carving waxes, CAD CAM and
doing production as well as one of a kind pieces.

Margie does all my fine detail wax carving. She is the BEST!

(A great teacher also).

Todd Hawkinson
Jewelry Department
Minneapolis Community & Technical College