Praise for FSGNE Winter Workshop 2010

I am still recovering from the wonderful experience of the Florida
Society of Goldsmiths, NE Chapter, Winter Workshop 2010. I can’t
sleep at night because I’m thinking about all the neat things I’m
going to make as soon as I get a hammer in my hand.

To all you FL, AL, GA, and snowbird *smiths, please join the FSG. It
will open the door to all kinds of creative expression. Personally,
I’m a member of the NorthEast Chapter, but any FSG member can attend
the Winter Workshop.

In previous years, it was held at the Atlantic Center for the Arts
in New Smyrna Beach. This year, the workshop was in Daytona Beach at
the Plaza Resort & Spa. (Some brave members walked on the beach, but
I wasn’t one of them.) It was cold outside, but in the workshops it
was hot!

I attended Juan Carlos Caballeros-Perez’ classes on forging &
fabrication, and surface techniques. (Now I’m looking at everything
in my house as a potential hammer.) Other attendees were a virtual
who’s-who of smithing/enameling/forging artists from Florida and
beyond. Instructors included Pauline Warg (“Metal Beads”), Tom
McCarthy and Mary Hettmansperger.

Tom & Kay Benham graced us with visits for the auction and Show &
Sell nights. Where else can you go to meet regular columnists from
Lapidary Journal!?!

One of the best nights was to talk to Deb Blazer, who was an
inspiration to me several years ago…along with a dozen others who
encouraged me, questioned me, and best of all…laughed with me.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. I hope to see you all
next year, and many new faces too.

best regards,
Kelley Dragon