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Praise for Durston Rolling Mills


I feel compelled to pass on a bit of good news and praise for a fine
company with an excellent product and who also is a supporter of
Ganoksin - Durston Rolling Mills.

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Durston at
Rio Grande’s Catalog in Motion. I found the perfect rolling mill for
Metalwerx, a 150 mm flat rollers with a beefy handle.

During the five years of continuous operation, one of our students
managed to shear a key square bolt rendering our rolling mill
useless. Thanks to Catalog in Motion, where I had the opportunity of
speaking to Mathew Durston in person, I sent him an email explaining
our situation. Mathew gave me call on the phone, diagnosed the
problem and sent a new bolt free of charge. We exchanged emails with
photos (thanks to computers) and he helped us through the entire

Thank you Durston! To have access to the company president and owner
who spends the time in person to assist us with our technical issue
is cause for praise indeed.

If you ever choose to purchase a rolling mill, the price alone
shouldn’t not be the deciding factor. Look at all the parts of the
machine, including technical support. Although those $250 rolling
mills vs. $700 might seem tempting, when it breaks, who do you go to.
Metalwerx has two rolling mill, both purchased from Durston and they
will continue to operate flawlessly for many years to come.

Thank you Durston and Thank you Rio Grande. If it wasn’t for Catalog
in Motion, I wouldn’t have ever had the chance to touch and play with
a fine piece of equipment on my own.

Karen Christians

School for Jewelry and the Metalarts
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
781 891 3854

After many converstions with Matthew Durston from Durston Rolling
Mills by e-mail and John Frei from Otto Frei by phone, my rolling
mills have arrived! Orchid Raffle 2n place prize!

Please do not drool on your keyboard as I describe what these two
great companies have done for me. When I explained to Matthew that
the huge electric powered two head superduper mill he offered for
the 2nd place prize at this year’s Ganoksin’s Orchid Raffel just
wouldn’t fit into my house, let alone my studio, we came up with a
solution that was wonderful.

I was able to order my own manual DSM 100 flat rolling mill with all
the gear reduction and cool stuff (watch the drool!) and I am able
to donate a manual DSM 150 flat rolling mill with a stand to the Ann
Arbor Art Center.

They just arrived, shiny and pretty, all the way from England, via
Otto Frei’s Oakland, California store.

Did I mention Karen Chrisian at Metalwerkx was a great help in
coordinating? Thank you, thank you, thank you all.

Still Happy Dancing,
Stacy Hosler