Prague & Garnets

I’ll be traveling to Prague at the end of next week and was
wondering if any one could recommend some jewelry attractions.

Also, in my guide book reading I’ve seen a standard list of jewelry
stores which specialize in garnet jewelry and it seems as though are
garnets are readily accessible the Czech republic. What sources are
available for loose garnets?

Thank you in advance.

Dear Sarah Jane…Prague is litterally dripping with garnets, they
are everywhere. As are Americans. English is spoken all over the
town. Get with your host or hotel operator and go through the phone
book and I am sure you will find a source. keep in mind that they
are very cheap. most of the pieces you will see over ther will have
hundereds of stones in the piece. also check out the art glass. it
is everywhere. as far as getting ripped of on the stones, you may pay
alittle moer but I have rarely heard of someone coming home with
pieces of red glass like some other parts of the world. you will
love Prague, please be sure to get a book about the legend of the
Golem and Rabbi Lowe, you may also want to research the street of
Alchemist. Enjoy your trip and be sure to drink the Kozel dark beer
and have some fun with locals not tourist…this will be your
biggest challenge.