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Practice semi mountings

Hello all,

I am hoping someone can help out. I am looking for brass or some
other inexpensive ring semi-mountings. I want to practice setting
center stones.

Thank you for your help!

Cathy- When teaching faceted stone setting I use silver crowns and

I solder the crowns on tabs of copper so that they can be clamped
into a wooden ring clamp while setting. I get mine from Stuller and
Rio. Just be sure to not get the pre notched ready set ones. They are
thin and flimsy and you will need to learn to use a setting burr to
cut seats anyway.

Have big fun learning to set. It can be a challenge but oh so

Jo Haemer

Cathy, Otto Frei has brass ring blanks, but they do not have any
seats cut as they are for bright setting of small stones. However, I
have several brass ring blanks that came with my Blaine DVD’s which
I am not using. Instead, I cast some sterling rings with the seats
cut following Kate Wolf’s instructions. This gave me practice in
cutting the seats, and in setting the stones.

As I am not using the brass blanks I will be glad to send them to
you, no charge, just a friend helping out a friend. Send me Your
address off line and I will drop them in the mail for you. They
consist of four with 8X6mm oval seats, and four for prong settings.
I will also include the CZ’s whichI am not using. Great for practice
as they are hard stones and no danger of chipping.