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Practical Creativity

My dad is a mechanical engineer.[snip] Lots of practicality, but
always had a lack of true appreciation for artistry.[snip] My mom,
on the other >hand, was an art teacher[snip] Anyone else care to
share their inherited legacies? 

Well, since you ask… My father was an engineer (designed oil
tankers)–and an artist. He taught me to draw in perspective when
I began to draw, at a very young age. My mother was a math teacher
who wanted to be a musician. With these genes, I am an artist who
did well in math, thinks clearly in geometry, thrives on detail and
complexity, and does creative problem-solving compulsively. The
Chinese (I think) refer to that part of the brain that never shuts
up as the “drunken monkey”. I don’t know whether you guys relate to
this description, but I sure do. It’s like a radio-- you might
manage to change the channel, but you can seldom turn it off. Well,
I like to say that my drunken monkey is an engineer. When I make
jewelry, we’re both happy. --Noel