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Power of Orchid!

Early last month, a fellow Orchid-subscriber in Rochester, NY posted
on Orchid about “push gravers”. This sort of stirred my attention & I
quickly replied to her…(off-line). We exchanged many letters & the
next thing that happened is that she had 7 more students all wanting
to know about graver uses & creating some wonderful pieces of
creative art. using only the 3 basic gravers! Today I returned back
home from spending 2 long days in guiding her & the fantastic group
of students. They all now have the correct Onglette & Flat gravers &
Florentine tools. I saw some of their first time results, they are
absolutely fantastic at first cutting on the silver projects i gave

Only on Orchid could this ever happen. In only 4 weeks, a full class
was started just from one simple request of help!!! “Yeah for
Orchid”…:>) Gerry Lewy


Yes, Hooray for Orchid. Today I drove down to San Diego to visit a
Workshop at Lisa Slovis Mandel’s Studio, it was my wonderful long
time Orchid friend Charles Lewton-Brain’s! I so remember his long
time ago impassioned commentary for Orchid, introduction of Hanuman.

It has been undeniably the most open sharing location
ever. Yes, the communication you answered led to a great result. Not
at all unusual for Orchid.

For those of us long time Orchid members, we are not surprised.