Posting overseas

Hi I have a customer who want’s a good Qld opal set in 18kt ring no

Value of finished piece about 3,000 dollars. I am charging about 800
dollars for a basic ring design (depends on size of ring) they are
supplying the stone.

PROBLEM is they want to send it to South Africa.

I would think normal post is out of the question.

Would a courier be better?
Or would it be safest for them to deliver it?

Thanx for any advice

You might have to get a "Commercial Invoice to be used by the
Customs a.k.a. “Declaration Form”. Contact FedEx for pricing, don’t
let your client pay for any customs fees. Of course get a “signature
upon delivery!” & a tracking number.

Don’t even think of putting that magic word… “Jewellery” on the
outside of the box!!! You may use that word on the Form. or ask them
for an “International Numbering Code”.

Wish you a safe delivery. Gerry Lewy!

I would check with Hans Meevis (member of the list, used to live
there)… bet he would have good suggestions…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Hi Richard,

Still haven’t sent you the wax, work is preoccupying me, and I have
to get my wife’s finger size (more difficult that you can imagine),
I’m going to do it this weekend.

Australia post has shipping options that have tracking, and signed
receipt International Express post is the one I was looking at today
for a Canadian client.

However the best delivery would be if your client delivered the ring
themselves, then your responsibility leaves with them.

Regards Charles A.

I waited a day before answering, because maybe someone had a better

I would use Fedex or DHL only, and then only for low value articles.

You can absolutely forget using the SA Post office.

Your article will not arrive.

The best is to use a friend as a courier, if that is possible.

Sad, but that’s the reality

I usually instead of using my business name I use “Vernon Wilson
Plumbing Supplies” No one ever wants to look at a box of plumbing

Hi Richard,

I am in Johannesburg -

Unfortunately, there are not many options with high value goods to
South Africa.

I can almost guarantee that the Postal Services will “lose” the

Hans suggests a courier service and I would agree, but insure the
item for the full amount privately for loss and theft.

Normally the insurance company will then suggest their own courier.
(RAM is often used for high value goods here) The “friend as a
courier” is really the best option, just make sure they know the
customs declaration process.


I have received several boxes over the years labeled “Medical X Rays
~ Do Not Delay”, even less value that plumbing, in that they are
useless to everyone but those they are needed by. :slight_smile:

M Chapman