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Postcards of work

Hi all, I want to have my work printed on some postcards, has anyone
got any recommendations for printers? Price is always a factor.

Ed Dawson
Maine Master Models.
Making Models to the trade.

Modern Postcard in California (I believe) is good and quite
inexpensive. Don’t have their number handy but they probably have
a website.

Check out Modern Postcards. A friend who is a graphic artist uses
the company and highly recommends them.

Good luck,
Gisela Gasior

My favorite is Modern Postcard. They are fast, efficient and
inexpensive. The website is:

Last I checked their website was down, but I’m sure this is

Good luck!
Karen Christians

I have used Modern Postcard because their prices are good and their
service is excellent. The color reproduction is not the very best,
the reds were a bit muddy and the purples were not really true. If
your work is all metal they will do just fine. - Deb, in the drought
ridden but terribly humid midwest.

Hi Ed, We just recently were looking for inexpensive printing as well
and searched on the internet. What we found is a company right here in
Livingston that has incredibly low pricing and great quality and can
work with many different file formats. Go to

Hope this helps.
Ken Kotoski

Ed, I just had postcards made of one of my pieces at Modern postcard
and was very pleased. They were helpful explaining thing to me about
layout and fonts and such as I was a total rookie when I went to see
them. I had the advantage of being able to go there in person, but I
think most of their business is out of state. Their pricing starts at
$95 for 500 cards and goes up to the capability to do a million. I
suspect your need fall somewhere in-between those.

their address is 1675 Faraday Ave, Carlsbad CA 92008
www.modernpostcard .com

Mark Maxwell

Ed, I have often used a place called Modern Postcard, they have good
prices, and the service is ok. They have a pretty good system for
ordering from a distance, and will walk you through it. I created
digital art and sent it to them, I recommend that you do the same,
create your own, rather than having them create any text layout or
such for you. They’re not graphic designers, just postcard printers!
I got 500 regular postcards for $95.00, and it took about 2 weeks.
Thye’ll even mail them for you!

-Drew Horn