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Postcard printing

Even though they do a beautiful job, I’m finding Modern Postcard too
inflexible for my needs. Can anyone highly recommend another
company that puts out a high quality photo postcard that will also
do the mailing list printing and bulk mail them? thank you , Marianne

You might check with In the fall they run (or did
in the past) 100 off if you order 5000 (total price was under $300)
whether or not they do mailing, you will have to check with them.

Here’s a short list of suppliers to check out - there are many
competitors now to Modern Postcard:    (we've used)   (we've used) 

(not for postcards, as the name states, but thought I’d give this
source out to ya’ll who do trade shows).

Another favorite source is for slides made from digital files –

Just in case!!

Cindy Edelstein
Jeweler’s Resource Bureau
The Source For Designer Information, Education and Marketing Support

We just got the post card printed for the first with Pure Postcards
866-413-1562�and spoke to Ms. Angie from florida. They did a
professional job and were on the dot.�They do the mailings but we
have not experienced that aspect of their business.

Once again this was our first and last experience and we will use
them again and they matched the price quoted by the other printing


Marianne -

I have had wonderful results from Their
products are excellent and produced in a timely manner, and they
have good customer support. I just checked their Web site and I see
that they do indeed have mailing services.



We have noticed from gemstone wholesale trade shows that many
businesses use because they offer free
business cards, just pay for the shipping if you don’t mind having
Vista Print on the back of your card. Currently, they have expanded
into postcards and other items.

One of the great features is you can design your own card from the
various templates they have. Select one, enter your data that you
would like on your card, then preview it, you can do this as many
times as you like,

Vista Print has safe guarded every step of the way. The buyer must
enter initials, confirm they have read their copy before they can
proceed onward… If you have not gone there, try it, they have
brought in many new card and postcard templates to review. If the
web site I gave you doesn’t work, then try this one I added an “s” to prints. It has been a while.

Take care everyone.