Portable torch

   Also, what about the little torch that uses the disposable propane
and oxygen tanks.  Are these a good investment?    I will appreciate any
assistance that is offered. 

Alma, feeding a little torch with those disposable little tanks is a great
way to have a portable little torch for shows or special events away from
your actual shop. But in the shop, that’s a very costly way to buy fuel
gas and oxygen. Even with a small tip, those tanks don’t last very long.
If you use your torch much, you’d go through several tanks in a day’s

One thing to keep in mind, though. The torch itself is pretty much the
same no matter which flavor of outfit you get. What differs is the various
regulator connections or regulators. You can get those little portable
tank regulators seperately, and switch your torch off your main tanks for
travel use. The torch itself, and the tips, are the same for all fuel
gasses with oxygen.