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Portable soldering systems suggestions

Hi Folks,

I am looking for advice on purchasing a portable soldering system
for soldering ‘large’ pierced overlay projects. ‘Large’ is really
only a 1’x2’ pierced pattern to be soldered to a 1’x6’ sheet. A
bracelet type project. Is Mapp gas hot enough? Or is propane OK?
What supplier can I order a screw on hose and torch tip. Do you
think a Plumbing store would have the tool I need or perhaps Home
Depot? Thanks for any advice.

Teresa Ellis Cetto

Air Acetylene plumber’s torch?

Chris Anderson

I use propane/air with tips from various sources, but I fat the
propane bottle at Wal-Mart in the plumbing section.


I taught an introduction to metal jewelry fabrication class, and I
used this torch from Harbor Freight Tools:

We were just soldering copper bezels on to 22 ga brass, but it
worked well enough.

Hi Marie Meyer,

There is a fan to buy, I think it’s good. Look at

Eva Nedergard

You can use the little torch with propane and oxygen in the little
bottles made for a plumbers torch. I’ve been using the little propane
bottle in my home shop. The whole setup would fit in a small tool bag