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Portable showcases for shows

I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction on a
manufacturer/supplier of good quality showcases for exhibiting
jewellery. I didn’t think it would be quite so difficult to source
but its proving to be. I’m in Ontario, Canada and was hoping to
purchase something from within Canada so I won’t have to pay any
duty charges. Ideally I’d like to purchase something that breaks down
easy enough so I can transport it myself. Since I’m just starting out
and it looks like some of my shows will be inside & outside, I was
also hoping to find displays that could be used for both and look
professional. Hopefully someone on the forum can help me.

Thanks in advance!
Jennifer Wolfe

Hi Jennifer!

Have you had a look to see what Eddie’s HangUp Displays has to offer
you? They are in Vancouver and stock quite a lot of materials. Make
beautiful jewelry for unique people!


Hi Jennifer, Here is a link to Abstracta. I do not know wehter or
not they have an outlet in Canada

Vince LaRochelle,
Oakridge, OR, USA


You can confirm this with Customs Canada at

however if the cabinets are made in the US all you would pay is GST
and PST there is no duty per se on almost everything under NAFTA. And
you would pay that as well for cabinets purchased here in Canada.

Please note I specified Manufactured, not sold… So a cabinet
manufactured in China and Sold in the US would be dutiable. Just
make sure you have written proof either on the cabinet in the form of
a stamp or on the Bill that it is “Made in USA”


Jennifer - check out ProPanel stands

with 14"X14" glass cubes on top (purchased seperately - got mine
from Tebo) - a different look than Dynamic Display or the others,
much less expensive, and easier to configure for your individual
needs, and the show’s.

(Like if you usually have one side open, but today you are on the end
of the row so need to be open on 3 sides, or if the ground on one
side of your 10’X10’ space is 2’ higher than the other.) If you do go
for this option, go for Pro Desks instead of square pedestals -
they’re harder to knock over, and be sure to check out your local
Craigslist - got mine there for 1/2 price.

Blessings,Sam Kaffine


I have a 12 year old Dynamic Display case that folds up in an
aluminum box and I highly recommend it. The aluminum case is a bit
heavy but everything including lights is there. It takes about an
hour for two of us to set it up. The sides are heavy plastic that
polish easily and in 12 years have not scratched.

Good luck selecting.