Portable beehive kilns

I am looking for a small beehive type kiln for enamel use. Due to
travels I need something very portable.

My questions:

Has anybody here used all the small ones?..

Ultralite - Amaco - Thompson and any other variations I don’t know

Fast temperature recovery is important to me. Worked with a beehive
kiln over the weekend which was wonderful. Metal pan type top, but
absolutely no name on it and my friend purchased it used so had no
info. Used it next to an Amaco which took forever to recover the heat
but didn’t have access to a pyrometer to test the temp.

Also, if the Ultralite is highly recommended (which I’ve seen in a
few places here), has anybody used the controller and how well does
that work?

Greatly appreciate any info.
Liane Redpath Worlund


I have a Bee Hive kiln that I purchased at Otto Frei. Here is a


I would recommend getting the optional temperature control. I have
only used mine for pmc/metal clay and it has worked great.

Good Luck!

Hi Liane,

You probably used the Ultralite Kiln which is available through Rio
Grande. I bought one recently and love it because of the fast temp
recovery. I also bought the kiln controller to regulate the

Marta Irvin


I have a 1970’s Enamelaire beehive kiln. It is an early model and an
electrical hazard…

Having said that, I love it. It heats up fast - 10 mins tops. I’m
looking out for a spare element as these kilns do occasionally popup
in boot sales and on ebay.

There is no name on it but it has the usual pan lid and screw on tin
legs. I use it for enamelling copper and silver.

hope you find one that suits you!