Port Clinton Show Information

Hi All,

Looking for some about show layout for the Highland
Park, Port Clinton Art Festival. I have done the Highland Park
Festival of Fine Craft before so I am vaguely familiar with the city

  • but have never done this particular show.

I was recently accepted to the show for the first time and I know
nothing about the layout. I have been told it is good to ask for a
particular area when you are a “newbie” to a show so you don’t get
stuck out in no man’s land.

If anyone is familiar with the layout and traffic pattern and can
steer me in the right direction I’d appreciate it. My booth is a
standard layout 10 x 10 Crafthut, and I usually have the front (of
course) and back open. Don’t need electricity. That’s about it.

Appreciate the help.

Thank you,
Grace S.