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Pop rivets

I just read a website where Barbara Lewis (torch enameling) uses
colored pop rivets inside of her enameled flowers to add color. Have
any of you done this? Is it difficult to do and expensive tools to
invest in?


Brenda- Pop riveting is easy breezy. The pop rivet guns are cheap
compared to most jewelry tools, and can be bought at any good
hardware store.

I used about a bazillion copper pop rivets when I helped build the
Portlandia Statue back in the early 80s. Over three stories tall,
made of three foot wide sheets of copper and all put together with
pop rivets and brazed with phos copper rod. The sculptor and the two
other guys and I used to have bad pop rivet dreams. When we would
spill a large bucket of them we called that a “Red Ant Attack”.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer


Would pop rivets be an alternative to regular wire rivets just for
the look? Not to replace wire rivets? And feaseable on small pieces?