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Polishing Twisted Silver Wire

I use 3’ to 8’ lengths of twisted sterling silver wire to lace rope
bindings on my saddles. After twisting, I anneal the wire and pickle
it. I’m presently anchoring ends of the wire to a board, and keeping
it tight. With a Foredom I go over the wire with a 1" wire brush
followed by 1" buff and ZAM. This works for brightening up the area
deep in the twists, but is there a better way of doing it? I don’t
want to wrap the wire on a dowel to polish it as I think the bending
is going to work harden it again and there is enough bending going
on in the lacing process. The last thing I need is an 8’ wire broken
at 6.5’. A saddle with this work is on the home page of my web site
if you are not visualizing the technique:

Dick Sherer
Sherer Custom Saddles, Inc.