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Polishing/striping/barrelling silver

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I have a question regarding polishing of detailed medals, I hope someone might be able to chime in on it, bushes will only get me so far before I start removing details so for getting at those hard to reach areas what options are there? I’ve heard cyanide striping works a charm but I would rather stay away from that end of things, has anyone ever seen/tried super small barreling medium? like 0.2mm steel balls? I have considered going over everything with agate burnishers but that seems like the hard way of doing it… thanks in advance for any input!

SeanC - Could you post a picture of front and back of the medals along with dimensions? You might be able to get a good polish with a couple processes. Of what material are the metals made?
I’m happy to help directly as well.
Judy Hoch