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Polishing stones using vibratory tumbler

a. The media.

Media is the material that used with the stones. it should have the
same hardens as the stone we polish. the best is to use the off cuts
of the same material. for example Amethyst cabs with Amethyst off

Please Note:

  1. the average size of the media must be close to the size of the

  2. if you do various sizes at the same time, you must use close
    sizes, e.g. 4x6 5x7 or 8x10 10x12. do not mix size that are too
    different like 6x8 with 13x18. the total wight of the media and the
    stones should be around 3 kg. the should be around 40% of the total.

the best indication for the polishing action is to see a fast
movement, or quick turning of the media in the machine. if it is too
slow, something is wrong.

  1. the media is too wet (too much water).
  2. excessive weight.
  3. not enough weight.

the media should be semi wet, like mud. water should be added when
it gets dry.

when every phase of the process is done, the media should be washed,
and the powder should be kept for the next round.

b. Powders.

good news for you!! we use Silicon Carbide or Carborundum.

  1. run SC #220, 25gr for 15 hours. add water when needed. check the
    surface of the stone every few hours.

  2. run SC #360, 40gr for 24 hours. add water. check surface polish.

  3. run SC #600, 40gr for 30 hours. add water. check surface polish.

  4. run Diamantine, 20gr for 30 hours. add water. check surface

  5. rinse with water and light detergent for 1 hour.

the media the stone and the container must be washed carefully after
every run.

The most important thing is to know when the stone is ready for the
next phase. You should check the surface of the stone and make sure
that it has a uniform texture! If some parts of the stones are
different you may have to redo it.

please note!

the above numbers will change from one type of stone to the other!
These numbers are good for citrine, amethyst. If you polish other
stone types, you must find the quantities using a…

C. Logbook

It is very important to keep a logbook of your production! you
should write all the details. hours, weights of powder, weight of
media, if you do not keep this book, you will have to find the way
every time…if you doing new type of stone, you can compare each
run and make the necessary changes.

D. The Machine

you can change the amplitude of the vibrations by changing the
position of the weight on the motor axle. for smaller loads, you
need lower amplitude.