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Polishing rig Directions coming soon

To all who requested a copy of my buffer directions and

It will be on its way via snail mail on Monday – if I have to
re-write and re-draw it. Last summer I started to get organized,
but the necessity to prepare for the fall season interrupted the
completion of this humongous task. (I’m not the neatest person)
Anyway — I remember putting those directions someplace that was
to be part of my “NEW AND BETTER” system but I can’t remember
what the new system was supposed be now and where I put all that
"stuff’. My entire studio is in a room about 11x12 that
includes my bench, a soldering bench, lapidary bench, enclosed
buffing area, all my associated books and supplies, and several
bookcases full of more "stuff’ It also has three doorways which
limit wall space. Fortunately, there is a small bathroom
attached with a shower stall (that’s where the second buffer is),
and a water supply. Anyway, I have this organized so I can get
to the different benches fairly easily, but as I’m sure you can
imagine ITS VERY CROWDED!! and can get disorganized easily. I
virtually lust for a bigger studio - hope to move this summer.

Several of you have offered to scan the diagram for me and I
appreciate that. When I send it out Mon I’ll ask the closest
(geographically) person to do that so I can email in future if
any one wants it. Thanks for you patience.

Bacliff, TX USA