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Polishing -Reply

Use a ring holder to hold your pieces snugly and always always polish
with the down side of the wheel… This means that if you looked at the
wheel from the side as if it was a clock you would do all of your
polishing from the 3:00 to the 6:00 position. This way the worst thing it
can do is push your hand down instead of trying to rip the piece out of
your grip and across the room.

sean ellwood 12/05/96 08:13am >>>

They (whoevever THEY are) say there are no stupid questions. So be
kind and bear this in mind when you read mine!

I purchased a bench grinder for polishing about a month ago. It works
great, but I spend more time on the floor looking for my pieces than I do
Please, O Friends of Orchid, tell me what I am doing wrong and give me
tips or techniques to prevent this. Pieces flung against the wall after
they have spun out of my fingers certainly have that “flawed” look
everyone has been discussing in another thread!



A very important factor is your attention factor. You need to be aware of
where all of your piece is in relationship to the wheel. Any protruding
parts may catch on the buff if your attention wavers. If the peice is held
with both hands, at least the two sides in your hands can not be cought.
There is no point in moving your peice in a vertical direction. The buff is
already revolving that way.

Marilyn Smith

Use the bobbing compound rather sparingly and keep your wheel
clean. An excess of compound and a dirty wheel will cause the
compound to “stick” to your work and be difficult to remove. I
use a rather light touch and do not even have to use ammonia to
remove any residue.

Lewis Elrod

for removing polish dirt try bcr cleaner you can get it from
your tool man or your tool house or a shop in houston lathrops
gems. and it will clean clean clean good stuff i have used it for
20 years have a good day