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Polishing quartz nugget

I’ve been asked to polish a quartz nugget. I have a buffing
wheel and a tumbler, but I have no idea what kind of polishing
compound to use.

I’d appreciate any advice.

You need to use cerium oxide polishing compound and you need to
have a very fine finish on the stone before polishing. What do
you mean by quarts nugget?

Emilie, Please elaborate on this quartz. Is it a water worn
pebble? a hunk of crystal? does it have any sharp edges?if so, do
you want to keep them? polishing stone is a mulit-step process,
moving to progressively finer grits, and finally to polish. tell
us more, we can help!

when I was doing quartz jewlelry in Alaska/I prepped it with
sandpaper to 600 grit and then used cerium oxide, as far as I can